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Was the Bloody Mary named after Mary Queen of Scots? More likely Mary Tudor.

Actually, I think it was Mary Tudor. She got that name because of all the people she killed who refused to convert to Catholicism.
You know, the person from the nursery rhyme, Mary Mary quite contrary (or however you spell it.) --Jzcool
Um, none of the above. The real history isn't hard to find, so I added it. --LDC
Good work; but I agree that Bloody Mary (Tudor) should be listed first, even though there's no relation; perhaps they should be on separate pages (Bloody Mary cocktail).


I went and turned this into a disambig page. The Swedish page, I was able to make enough sense out of to send it to the drink page. A bigger problem is the ja: and zh: links; I can't read them. If they should go to one or the other pages, please send them where they belong. -- Smerdis of Tlön 01:40, 26 Nov 2004 (UTC)

bloody mary is one of henry wives —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 17:32, 5 October 2008 (UTC)


Here is why the cleaned-up versions of these descriptions (listed first, followed by the older versions) are perfectly adequate for distinguishing among the listed topics, while avoiding unnecessary clutter:

The top version excludes the redundant second reference to folklore (instead of using the word twice four words apart) and the unnecessary description "in mirrors", as if there were a second ghost listed that only appeared in paddling pools when summoned. There is no other topic listed that could be confused for this topic.

It is extremely likely that someone looking for this topic will know that they're looking for something related to the musical South Pacific. It is very unlikely that the user would be looking for a "souvenir trader and matchmaker" but have no idea where the character appears. And obviously, it is completely redundant to specify "from the musical South Pacific" when South Pacific is already in the name of the article (although the link is improperly formatted in the older version).

Again, five of the seven words in the lower description are completely redundant to the disambiguative description in the article title. Besides repeating the article title, all that the lower description says is that the character is a supervillain, which is poorly distinguished from the description for Bloody Mary (Marvel Comics), "a fictional telekinetic supervillain." Describing the type of character is more descriptive and more likely to be helpful.

There is only one comic book listed on this page. A user would presumably know they are looking for a comic book, not looking for "some kind of science fiction thing" or "some kind of thing written by Garth Ennis." Therefore, "a comic book" should be adequately distinguishing description. Propaniac (talk) 15:37, 17 September 2009 (UTC)