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Eileen Saki

Eileen Saki is an actress who was the final and longest-running actress to play Rosie, proprietor of Rosie's Bar in the television series M*A*S*H. She also had a small but memorable role in the season 5 premiere episode as the head 'Madam' of a coquettish group of prostitutes.

The switching of actresses in the role of Rosie mimics the actual handing over of the real-life 'Rosie's Bar' during the Korean War from mother to daughter. Alan Alda became aware of this when he received a letter from the real 'Rosie Jr.' about the incident in the early 1980s, a copy of which is available in the book The Last Days of M*A*S*H by Alan and Arlene Alda.


Year Title Role Notes
1974 Policewomen Kim
1979 Meteor Siberian Woman
1981 History of the World, Part I Slave - The Roman Empire
1984 Splash Dr. Fujimoto

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