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Fire-Temple 'Azarbarzin'
Historical Marketplace
Khosrovgerd Minaret
Hakim Sabzevari Mausoleum
Ebne Fandogh Mausoleum
Caravanserai Mehr
Sabzevar is located in Iran
Location of Sabzevar in Iran
Coordinates: 36°12′45″N 57°40′55″E / 36.21250°N 57.68194°E / 36.21250; 57.68194Coordinates: 36°12′45″N 57°40′55″E / 36.21250°N 57.68194°E / 36.21250; 57.68194
Country Iran
ProvinceRazavi Khorasan
 • MayorSeyed Ali Koushki
 • City CouncilChairman: Ghasem Hosseini Zade
977.6 m (3,207.3 ft)
 (2016 Census)
 • Urban
243,700 [1]
 • Population Rank in Iran
Time zoneUTC+3:30 (IRST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+4:30 (IRDT)
Area code(s)051
Sabzevar at GEOnet Names Server
Sabzevar 1933

Sabzevar (Persian: سبزوار[2] About this soundpronunciation ), previously known as Beyhagh (also spelled "Beihagh"; Persian: بيهق‎), is a city and capital of Sabzevar County, in Razavi Khorasan Province, approximately 220 kilometers (140 mi) west of the provincial capital Mashhad, in northeastern Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 208,172, in 57,024 families.[3]

Sabzevar is the commercial center for an agricultural region producing grapes and raisins. There is some small-scale industry, for food processing, copperware, and electric motors. Through the old bazaar of Sabzevar fresh, dried, and preserved fruits and vegetables are exported. Sabzevar is connected to Tehran and Mashhad by road. Sabzevar Airport provides domestic flights.[4]

It suffered a flash flood in April 2020.[5]


The history of Sabzevar goes back to the 1st millennium BC. Ancient remains include fire-temple Azarbarzin which is still visible.

After the Mongol invasion of Iran, the city was the first part of Iran that moved towards its freedom, under the lead of the Sarbedaran movement.

In 14th century Timur invaded Iran and destroyed the city completely. Contemporary sources mention 90,000 people having been murdered by Timur. After killing all men in the town, he cut their heads and made 3 pyramids of the heads, in what is now the modern Sarberiz (meaning "Place of heads") square.[6]

Sabzevar Province had been lost by the Safavids to the Uzbeks of Transoxiana, but was regained following a Safavid counter-offensive around 1600, along with Herat and Farah.[7]


Sabzevar is located in the west of Khorasan Razavi province at the northeast of Iran.

Sabzevar is a 650 km far from Tehran (the capital of Iran).[8]


In 1937 when Iran was ruled by Reza Shah, Sabzevar was the second most populated city in the 9th county.[9] According to the census of 2017, Sabzevar is Iran's 34th city.


The special Anthem of Sabzevar was unveiled for the first time in 2010; it received the first rank in all anthems of cities in Razavi Khorasan province.

Main sights[edit]

Mil-e Khosrow Gerd (meaning "The brick tower of king Khosrau) is the highest brick tower in the city. Mosques include the Masjed Jameh of Friday mosque, with its two tall minarets. They were both built during the Islamic age of Sabzevar.


Hakim Sabzevari University is one of the most prestigious public university in Iran and the oldest university in Sabzevar. HSU was established in 1973 when its name was Kar University. After the Iran revolution in 1979, this university was halted until 1987. HSU was reestablished with a new name. The Tarbiat Moallem University of Sabzevar was working and growing until 2011. In this year this university was renamed to Hakim Sabzevari University. HSU offers 139 bachelors, masters, and Ph.D. programs to more than 9,200 male and female students studying under about 280 faculty members in 10 departments. HSU is known as the dynamic in science and the leading in development university in Iran.[10]

Sabzevar University of Medical Sciences is one of the most prestigious public universities in Khorasan province. MEDSAB was established in 1975. In 1986, School of nursing was founded in Sabzevar. MEDSAB offers 20 programs to more than 2000 students in medical fields. This university has more than 200 faculty members. There are 5 hospitals and 4 schools in this university.[11]

The city is home to the Islamic Azad University of Sabzevar (IAUS), founded in 1985 in response to increasing demands for a higher education center in the region; expansion and development have always continued within the university. IAUS is one of the most private universities in Khorasan province. Currently, there are about 6,500 students studying in three campuses.[12]

Sabzevar University of New Technology is the youngest public university in Khorasan province. SUNT was established in 2011. The main objective of this university on teaching and transferring new technology for women students. SUNT offers modern bachelors programs to more than 1000 female students studying in one department. SUNT is known as the third generation universities in Iran.[13]

North of Hashshmandi Sabzevar Hospital


Sabzevar has a cold semi-arid climate (Köppen climate classification: BSk). Sabzevar, Iran Climate Walter-Lieth Chart 1985-2014.svg

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