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Welcome to the Wikipedia, and thanks for your contribution to the hash page. It's exciting for me to see the crypto pages taking shape, particularly as we work on the Wikipedia:WikiReader/Cryptography. Lunkwill 20:04, 20 Aug 2004 (UTC)

Your username[edit]

I'm guessing that you've picked this username because you think well of Bruce Schneier rather than because you are he. I understand the inclination - he's a cool guy - but it's not such a good idea, because it can cause confusion. Wikipedia:Username says "Avoid using real names of famous figures (living or recently deceased). Many editors consider them overly disruptive and may request that you change it. "

Sadly you can't change your own username, but the procedure on Wikipedia:Changing username is the best alternative available.

Thanks! — ciphergoth 08:06, 2005 May 1 (UTC)